LifeSmart gives
Superpowers to
your alexa

Solutions for Villas & Gated Communities

Remotely monitor your villa, Geo-tagging Intelligent scenes, Control appliances on different floors, Share Virtual Keys Securely…

Switch on the light when I am

  500m away to reach home

Solutions for Apartments

Live with convenience, Motion sensors for lights, Purified air circulation, gas leakage detection, Panic alarm system and more…

Open the door from

  where you are

Solutions for Hotels

Motion controlled lights, Switch to different scenes, Automated front desk calling and ordering room service, Energy saving system, Kitchen security with leakage detection, Easy property management across different locations, Multi-floor access, Intrusion alert and more…

Light on when people step in and

  Light off when people step out

Solutions for Commercial Spaces

Manage multiple stores along with multi-floors, motion-sensing lights, AC, Purified air circulation, Reserve meeting rooms, Automated climatic control, Smart door system recognizing 150 fingerprints, Automated Leakage Detection System for water, gas, leakage, Smart curtain control as per indoor lighting and more…

One App for Multi Store Control


LifeSmart makes sound travel faster than light!

LifeSmart is a naturally fitting solution which doesn’t need rewiring, with its wireless range of over 500 ft. It’s reliable enough to cover every corner of your space. Our intuitive and user-friendly designed app makes everything easy and accessible anywhere you are. Contact our experts to know more…